Sunday, January 20, 2008


My husband Greg left yesterday for London on business. He'll be gone a week, and today my son Gabe and I find ourselves taking it easy. While I was perusing around on my laptop, I found this picture that I had downloaded from Gabe's flash drive of a trip he took to the WWI museum here in Kansas City with my brother, David. Tanks and airplanes, guns and helmets usually bore me so I had not looked thoroughly through the pictures when I came upon this. Gabe says he must have been talking when my brother took the picture. His expression is priceless!

With the husband gone, I needed something to make me smile.

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Founder & "Giver" said...

As Kristy's husband sitting in his hotel room across the Atlantic, this little pic made my day! It's going to be a long week away from the family, but these little nuggets help :)

Love ya,